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The South African Mud and Sand Prawn - HELP!

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Hi guys,


For some time now I have been targeting a local specie called Pomadasys Commersonni (Spotted Grunter).


These guys make Bonefish look stupid and are extrememly fussy on what they take. Very few anglers locally have taken them on fly. My goal is to create a fishable fly that will look realistic when drifted static in the current.


They look pretty similar to crawfish... I see Fred and Terrome have done some INSANE craws.


Any help on techniques/materials for bodies will help me crack the code in catching these fish.


Ive tried everywhere and i think this is the only place where I'll get the answers im looking for.









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the last three images are tied using silicon and polar fibre. They look pretty good but not when they're static..... Attached are pics of Terrome and Freds Craws as reference


I know its a serious challenge to create something this realistic and fishable....




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Reading your story and checking the actual shrimps on google I would go for foam for the shell and biggest claw or maybe even both claws. Most of the legs would be rubberlegs in a tan color. Feelers can be made from mono, quills or a couple of strands of flash.

The foam can be colored to your liking and will balance out the sinkrate of the jhook and the rest of the materials. You can also try deer hair instead of foam. Deer hair will not float as much as foam so that way you can decide on how much you would like the fly to sink. Since you talk about "when drifted static in the current" I guess you don't want it to heavy.


Just my thoughts when I read your story ;)


Greets Paul

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Thanks paul,


So far Ive done exactly that (foam). legs can be bent and are thin wire inside. Will finish the body and legs tonight... progress so far:


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So this is how they've evolved to date:


avalon version:





floating/intermediate version:









and the result after 10 years of trying to crack the code!:


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