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This is a pattern I came up with last year while trying to tie a damselfly pattern off FAOL. Since I couldn't tie it exactly to save my life, I added a beadhead instead. I used lead wire as well to weight it, the tail and body is marabou, and the rib is vinyl rib (used to keep the marabou from unravelling). I tied this on a size 12 nymph hook, you can leave the tail as long or short as you want, and any natural colour will work (and will mimic all sorts of stuff), the pumpkinseeds wouldn't leave these flies alone (I had around 100 fish on one fly, it was still fishable but I had tied a new batch so I replaced it)




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I love how you stumbled on to this pattern by attempting a different pattern. I make stuff all the time that is close to a pattern but never quite there. Usually because I don't have all the materials needed. I think that is part of what makes this hobby so much fun is that you don't have to follow a patter exactly and you will still catch fish. You should add these to the database and name them since it is your original patter. :yahoo:

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