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No.Carolina fly show

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Hello out there:Does anyone know anything about a fly fishing show in Raleigh?Think it is part

of an outdoor type show?

Brought my freezables in about 10 days ago as our temp is darn right chilly.dont know what will

freeze so I just packed up anything thats liquid or "gluey".

If the member who uses velcro on his bottles is listening.oops,reading I have been doing this

for the past 4 or so years.Works for me.Altho my floor under work area is nice&shiny.

To all a very Merry Christmas to all,60mikes.Semper Fi

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Click on this link: http://www.flyfishingshow.com/ and pick the Raleigh, NC button. That's the current info on the show. It is the same organization that put on the Charlotte shows, but we are all hoping that this will be an improvement. I got to talk to Chuck a little bit at the Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset. Based on a number metrics, including subscriptions to fly tying/fly fishing magazines, there is a much higher concentration of fly fishers in the Raleigh area than there is anywhere else in the state. That, and the declining participation in Charlotte, is what drove the decision to move.


On the down side, the NHL decided to hold their All Star game in Raleigh on the same weekend. In fact, the All Star Game will be, literally, next door in Dorton Arena on Sunday afternoon. Saturday's All Star activities will be in downtown Raleigh, though, so Sat. should be a good day for the Fly Show. Unfortunately, the All Star Game has also driven up room rates at the local hotels.


The big problem for the show is a Catch-22. No exhibitor want's to go to a show where there are no participants, and participants don't want to attend a show where there are no exhibitors. You will notice, though, that this is the only show in the Southeast.

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