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Mr. Vegas

Official: What did you tie today

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These over the last few days...Kind of chilling with the tying and focusing more on the fish lately especially casting. I tried taking photographs with my 'point and shoot' camera, i know it is bad, but i just wanted to show i have been active :)




Some bunny leeches mainly for steelhead, has a good amount of leadfreewire along with the eyes. The one on the Right has a treble hook attachment, *this is crazy i know* but its going to be used for garpike, otherwise i would never mess around with trebles nor barbs on any fly, exception here, i think fouling fish is lame so don't do that.




This is the infamous hammerhead BMS developed by Muz Wilson and re-adapted to Canada, specifically for West coast Salmon, like Pinks, swing that.




This is one salty shrimp, Kirk has helped me make this fly work, not just on the flats but in the fresh, hence a leech adaption for more bass fishing. Rides very nicely




I love EP minnows, i can tie them all day - here is one sneaky pattern for fishing, put on an orvis or gamakatsu salmon hook (looped up eye), leadwire 0.015, some flashabou along the body and for the tail and tied - not sure if this is 'kosher' but i'd also tie these unweighted classic style.




This is just a pink bunny leech and another EP/ Hybrid Deceiver, the Deceiver is on a salmon hook...again weighted where it allows.

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I am working on an ephemera danica/vulgata life cycle since they are currently hatching here. Just tied a pretty nice nymph but now I have to tie new emergers to make them look like the nymphs :P I just have to figure out a nice spinner pattern and a spent pattern to go with the nymphs and emergers and then I´m golden :D

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Tying a batch of Hare's Ear Parachutes to send out tomorrow. Haven't tied parachutes in a while, so keeping the first 2-3 for my box. They'll fish fine, but didn't quite like the looks of them. Everything gets better with practice.

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Nothing exciting, replacing a bunch of leeches i snagged :) Nice subtle stuff with not much sparkle.

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Just started experimenting with double bunnies! Anyway i love them i think, looks awesome wet, but here is today's haul of tying...Some pretty messy and not up to my standard but oh well, will fish!



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I've been working on foam panfish bugs lately. A few foam dragonflies for bass too.

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Some patterns that are going into a box for my son's Eastern trip to MA and CT...






HOOK: TMC 100 SPBL, #14-#16, Daiichi 1560, #14-#16


THREAD: Wapsi Ultra 70 Denier, Dark Brown, Yellow


TAIL: Bronze Mallard Fibers


ABDOMEN: Natural Pheasant Tail


RIB: Wapsi, Fl. Orange, SM


THORAX: 1/3 Rusty Squirrel, 1/3 SLF STD. Cinnamon, 1/3 Fire Star, Lemon Yellow


WINGCASE/LEGS: 6 Strands Black Krystal Flash


BEAD: Silver Tungsten, sized to hook




PALINISTA – (apologies to EVA PERON)


HOOK: Mustad C49S, #18 -#20, Daiichii 1130, #18-#20…used above


THREAD: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Red, White


TAIL: 1 Strand Pearl Krystal Flash


ABDOMEN:White Thread


OVERABDOMEN: Hareline Stalcup’s Micro Tubing, Blue


RIB: Wapsi Silver Wire, X-SM


WING: Grizzly Krystal Flash Black and White, 3strands, cut short


THORAX: Arizona Diamond Hair Pearl Green or Blue


BEAD: Silver, 5/64 or 1/16




PT/TB :blink:

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This is a new egg fly I'm trying; it's called the "Nuclear Egg"


The fly has been wet down to show it's true life like form when in the water. Great pattern that can be tied in numerous colors.


This one uses:


#14 2457 TMC hook

Ultra Thread #70 FL Fire Orange

McFly Foam - Brite Red for egg core

Glo Bug Yarn - Champagne for egg sack


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