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Fly Tying

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Nice one Andres.......................hope it did not drop in your dinner.............. :lol:




Happy Christmas to you and your family



Mike....................... B)

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I am happy you like it, thank you!


Somebody wrote a PM asking how to tie this fly. You know that I make SbS for Danica mag, but in this case there is no problem.


hook: #16

Thread:#8/0, black

Body: foam tube - a thin brown foam tube for the eyes.

Legs: Silicone thread

Wings: from a plastic shopping bag

Colour: Black permanent

Bug Bond to cover, protect and give shine to the body.

I tie legs first and bend them with a heated needle. tie the abdomen and take the tube forward over the legs. Cut the tube in two. Tie the lower part of it over the legs. Prepare wings and tie them over the torax. Take the other half of the foam tube over wings and tie it down, forming torax. Cut excess of this upper foam tube. Take the lower part of foam tube to the hook eye and tie it down. Over it tie a brown foam thin tube to make eyes and give volume to the head. Pull back over this the cut foam tube and tie it down. Paint the fly and apply Bug Bond to the body.


Hope it works. Andres T.

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