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McKenzie Vise Light (MCVL1256)

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About to buy a McKenzie light from overseas, but will have to get my own power supply since our walls are loaded with 230V.


I saw a similar question somewhere else, where a guy needed the specs, but it turned out to be for the 'Bright Light' model. This is for the smaller halogen bulb model, so I can't know if the answers he got apply to me.



* How many volts? (Bright Light model: 12VDC)

* How many amps? (Bright Light model: 1,5A)

* Regulated? (Bright Light model: Yes)

* Switched? (Bright Light model: Yes)

* Plug dimensions? (Bright Light model: 2.1 x 5.5 mm)




Thanks in advance!


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Once upon a time...

I used the McKenzie Bright Light and found it to be a bit harsh and HOTTER than a Norwegian wood stove on New Years Day!!!

A "Daylight" full spectrum desk model is now my light of choice... NO regrets and NO going back...

If you get a chance to check out the Ott or Daylight full spectrum florescent models you might be impressed...

That's what I use as my primary tying light and it doubles as a well balanced photo light source as well...

The McKenzie tended to throw a focused "spot light" instead of an wider even light while the full spectrum florescent lights are a lot easier on the eyes and not HOT at all...




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I own both models, and the specs on the adapter for the smaller light are the same as what you listed. I'm trying to find the adapter for the larger model to make a comparison, but it's been misplaced in our recent move. I'll look for it tonight.


The model number of the adapter for the small light is SW-1215W, and the specs can be confirmed at the manufacturers site (http://www.phcenterprise.com/adaptor.html). I haven't traveled internationally much, but the adapter has the input rating of 100-240V, should a outlet adapter work instead of purchasing a whole new adapter?



Pete and other Bright Light owners,

I had the same problem with my Bright Light (getting way too hot), I found that if you replaced the light with a 5 W halogen it dropped the heat down considerably in both the light and the adapter. The light output was still more than enough.



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It all worked out better than well....

I never bought the MacKenzie. Instead I bought the Dyna-King Flex Lamp (which is very much like the MacKenzie Bright Light). It's discontinued and it was their last one... in fact it was put together from spare parts. They didn't have a Euro power supply left for me though, so I still had to buy one myself. I was looking through the box with guitar effects (yes, once upon a time I had longer hair :headbang:) to find and adapter with a plug that fitted. Measurements from that would make it easier to buy a new one. Found one on a 9V/1A-adapter. 1A was higher than I expected to find on those adapters, so I tried the lamp with it. Even though it was a 12V bulb, 9V was obviously perfect for providing the light I wanted. (With the 9V adapter the lamp will give me 6.75W.)


A lamp to a reduced price... and had both bought adapter and replaced

bulb without even knowing it. Couldn't have wished for more. :P

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