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Fly Tying

Another attempt at Deer Hair Diver/Slider

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Here`s my second attempt after reading some good info. I guess i see a little improvement, but im my worst critic. I think i shaved the head a tad small, but its goin in the fly box. I got some belly hair off a friend and it does make a huge differance for spinning. I noticed too when i finished the fly the deer hair body wants to spin around the hook shank, i guess i should apply a little more pressure huh. I used Danvilles flat waxed nylon 210 denier thread. Thanks again for help everybody.





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Looks great, much better! Sounds like you've figured out that trimming ends up affecting the final shape and appearance as much as how well it was tied. In fact, it can take as long as the tying if you're really going for a clean appearance.


If you're interested, I wrote a short article last summer on how to trim deer hair bugs. You can access the article by clicking on this link:




The article is not intended to imply or suggest that you imitate the particular shape I strive for -- that's a personal thing; instead, the emphasis is on adopting a systematic approach so that you deliberately and consciously end up with the shape you want and have a trail to get there.


To prevent the fly from spinning around the hook, it is important to crank down on the thread wraps that secure each stack of hair as tightly as possible short of cutting through the hair. It is also important to "pack" the hair bunches (i.e., push the hair back towards the hook bend) as hard as you're physically capable of while taking care not to bend the hook or impale yourself.


Some also like to add a drop of superglue to the packed half-hitches between hair bunches, which does help to keep previously tied-in hair bunches from shifting around while you're finishing the rest of the fly.


In any event, great job!


-- Mike

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Look out now!, smalliestocker started tying with deer hair alittle over a year ago (I think?) and he has a serious problem now B), not to mention that he has become a featured tier andon Peak vise pro staff(again I think?)


Nice stuff

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I hate to be the skunk at the wedding reception, but they won't work worth a damn! You need to throw them away and start over. Just BE SURE you throw them MY way!!

Truly, really nice!


As the thickness of the collar on divers is 'supposed' to increase their diving efficiency, you may want to leave a little more hair in the collar. There is a very neat trick for accomplishing this. Place the flared end of your hair stacker over the body of your bug and push back. Now trim the hair flush with the back edge of the flared rim. This gives a nice neat curve to the collar.



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