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Fly Tying

Salmon Muddler Step-by-step

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Finally back on the forum! I haven't made an appearance here in well over a year, so I figured I'd start back up by posting a new tutorial. The muddler minnow is a fantastic generic pattern for all species of salmonids. This particular variation has been created with the Atlantic salmon in mind. The main difference between this pattern and other muddlers is the use of artic fox for the tail and wing. This fiber pulsates in the water, much like the action of marabou, and salmon, at times, find it hard to resist. Enjoy.




Materials list

Hook: Daiichi 2220 Size 6

Thread: Uni White 6/0

Tail: Black artic fox

Rib: Uni XS silver tinsel

Body: Uni Size 12 flat silver mylar

Underwing: Pearl crystal flash

Wing: Black Artic fox

Collar: Caribou body hair tips stacked and flared around the hook (deer can be be substituted)

Head: Caribou flared and cut to shape



Start your thread and wind to the rear



Hand-stack a bunch of black artic fox fibers to align the tips. Tie in at the tail.



Bring your thread forward, binding down the fibers and forming your underbody. Cute fibers on an angle to ensure a smooth underbody with a proper taper.



Tie in your rib at the front and wind back to the rear of the hook



Cut the tie-in end of your flat mylar on an angle, gold side facing you. Tie in at the rear with a couple secure wraps.



Bring the thread forward, and then bring the flat mylar forward, forming your body. Tie off.



Bring the rib forward and tie off.



Tie in 3 strands of crystal flash, fold it back over it self.



Hand stack another bunch of black artic fox fibers and tie in as a wing. Ideally, the wing should come back just short of the tail.

Stack a bunch of caribou fibers, enough so that its almost hard to manage the bunch you are working with.

Tie these in so the tips almost flow back to the edge of the silver mylar body. Flare this bunch around the hook so you get an even distribution of tips all the way around the fly. Practice is essential to get this step right. I realize this probably deserves 2 pictures, my apologies.



Another bunch of caribou has been applied in this step, however, the tips were cut prior to being tied in.



Last and final bunch has been applied. Tie off at this point.



Trimmed to shape.



View from underneath, chunky profile.



Orange is another good colour.



Chartreuse version.







Yesterday I was given 3 flies tied by Frank Sawyer himself, a grey goose, pheasant tail and sow bug. I thought it was cool :)

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