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Fly Tying
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River Thug

Flies I tied last night. What did you tie?

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The pink ones are actually tails for Steelie Nightmares.

The yellow and red one I call the Tylenol Pill Bug because it looks like a Tylenol pill. It probably has a better name but I don't know what most people call them.

There is a yellow/white Clouser.

A random brown ish bug that I tyed because I picked up some really fuzzy chenille and wanted to know what it looked like tied up.

The purple one I expecially like. It's tied on a 1/0 Daichi salmon with 6/0 purple threadthe tail and outer body is purple Finn Racoon. The inner body is S.L.F. dubbing called Purple Haze. The pink and maroon shimmer in it realy sets it off. The 3 winglets are purple Lady Amherst.


I tie alot of flies and don't take enough pics.


I'd like to see what you guys tie just for the fun of it.






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well i cant post pics because im at work but i tied a few damselfly adults in the blue style...*sigh* thinking of summer way to much... <_<




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i haven't tied anything in the past couple days, but yesterday i put the metal part of a 12 gauge shotgun shell in my belt.


here are a couple pictures, the first one is the front and the second one is the back side. sorry about the bad picture for the back side



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