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Fly Tying
Jordon W

Looking for cheap option to carry all tying stuff

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One thing to consider if you're looking at the modular fishing bags that hold Plano-style boxes - I've looked all over and it appears that only the 3700 size allows you to get a box with no dividers. Why is that important? That size allows you to hold a rotary vise, or a bunch of tools like needle nose pliers without cutting dividers.


My local Wal-Mart had this:



I bought one last week and am currently refitting it to be my travel tying bag. It looks like I'm going to be tying at a local show this spring, and I need to be sure I've got all my stuff in one sack. This should easily hold all I need to carry for a show.

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I use this box when I tye flies streamside or at camp..Nothing fancy.. But It just works :thumbsup:


Stanley 19" Tool Box with Organizer Lid


076174928983lg.jpg stanley_019151m_1.jpg


19" Tool Box with Organizer Lid


* Two lid organizers for packages of hooks/ beads storage - accessible without opening the tool box

* Nickel plated latches

* Built-in pad lock eye for small locks - keeps contents secure from girls that steal hackle

* Tote tray inside.. Holds tools, thread, and ect..

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I'm a rookie & have been using an old sewing box that a guy gave me when he quit tying. It's 14" long, 8" high, & 9"wide. The top opens & there are 2 lift out trays with lots of little compartments & a bunch of spindles for thread spools. Plenty of room for a fly box, my vice & tools, & enough variety of material to ty several different types of flies.

A couple of days ago & was at our new Sportsmans Warehouse & saw some Allen Company "Big Fork reel & gear bags". Shaped like a semi soft sided brief case, 15"x11"x6". Compartments for up to 10 fly reels in the lowere compartment, then a full size zip open divider with storage above on large clear zippered compartments. Lots of elastic pockets. $30.00. I picked one up to put my fly fishing gear in, but may pick up another for a mobile tying bag. If I do, I will size my portable bench so the case will fit inside it's side walls & be secured somehow.

Here's the only link I could find on line.



It's a lousy picture & $36.00. If I can buy it off the shelf in Alaska for $29.99 I would think there has to be a cheaper on line source. Really is a nice bag.


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Im new to tying and loving it so far but as I begin to collect the tools and vise along with my supply of materials growing. I'm looking for a cheap yet effective way to take all my stuff and a few materials and pack it up to take to tying meetings or just to a friends to tie (Looking kind of a joke carrying my supplies in to a tying meeting in a cardboard box my vise was sent in haha). I have been looking on ebay at "tying bags" but thats out of my price range with them running in the $100's. Any ideas would be great. Cant wait to hit the water here in MI soon!


Hi Jordan W,


Gretchen and I use small, rolling suitcases that many people use for air travel (the kind with a pull out handle and will fit in an overhead compartment). We found them for as little as $5.00 at our local Goodwill second-hand store or you can find them for up to several hundred dollars. The ones we are currently using cost less than $50.00 at CostCo. Take care & ...


Tight Lines - Gretchen & Al Beatty


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