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Hooks... Where to buy them?

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and of course cabelas and basspro have a somewhat decent selection and can find sales pretty frequently

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I only order online as i refuse to pay fly shop prices!


Allen has the best deal, I personally haven't used them yet, but am planing on it!


I currently use quite a bit of saber hooks. They go for 6.99 for 100 and 35 dollars gets you free shipping. I have used saber for quite some time. I tie commercially on them and i can honestly say that they are great. I have used them personally and i have never got a complaint from my clients. Plus if you have an issue with a pack of hooks you got, you can send the unused ones back for full refund or exchange for a new pack. I m not sure if allen does the same.


If your looking for a more name brand hook, well a name brand thats been around. Then i would recommend mustad. I have been using these forever it seems like with great success. You can find these cheap as well.


The best prices are usually found on stockard. But you can find good deals on ebay. You can also find good deals on daichii at.......... :unsure:

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allenflyfishing has good hooks at a great price. and customer service is top of the line. plus the free shipping and waterproof fly boxes you get with your order

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