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Fly Tying

Peeping Caddis in 8 easy steps

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Step 1: The hook

For a fly of this weight and size a jig hook is better choice, as it will snag a bit less. Just keep in mind you are going to lose your fly, and have some spare.




Step 2: Bead and Lead

I am using some seriously heavy metal - 4.6 mm Tungsten bead and a layer of flat lead.




Step 3: Tip

For the tip I am using 4 strands of UNI Neon thread, color Fluo Green. It will imitate the peeping caddis larva and - more importantly - act as an attractor.




Step 4: A touch of dubbing

To make the tip more pronounced I add a small ball of hot green dubbing; it will make the tip more pronounced.




Step 5: Hackle

A smallish partridge feather to imitate legs of the caddis larva and add movement to the fly.




Step 6: Finish the hackle

Wind the hackle, attach a thin gold tinsel.




Step 7: Body

Dub body of scruffy dubbing from back of a hare.




Step 8: Finishing touches

Counter rib the body and whip finish. Brush the fly vigorously with a velcro strip.

Take a step back and enjoy your work :)



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