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Fly Tying

Flies with no feathers swap!!!

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Great flies everyone. FlyMan thanks for hosting! Here is a link to pictures of everybody's flies and what they tied for future reference. I didn't get the size #22 blood worm picture because it went flying off the hackle pliers and I haven't found it yet!




Avril, Thanks for taking them pics. I wanted to do that for everyone, but my camera macro isn't any good. And yeah, i spent hours trying to find two of them darn red worms I dropped. I still haven't found one of them. Good thing I sort them in the garage. This way I can sweep it up and not loose it in the carpet and then find it stuck in my sock one day.



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Received mine in the mail yesterday. Here are some pics.


Will - Honey BugIMG_1766.jpg


PolarBear78 - WaxWormIMG_1764.jpg


Avril - Caddis PupaIMG_1762.jpg


Flytyer14 - #22 BloodwormIMG_1761-crop.jpg


NJFTM - Red Rojo MidgeIMG_1758-crop.jpg


Mr. Vegas - Pink Butt CaddisIMG_1757.jpg


Johnny Utah - #14 No Hackle X-CaddisIMG_1755.jpg


Horseshoe - White GrubIMG_1750.jpg


Stanbiker - Maple SyrupIMG_1749.jpg


Rich5665 - #16 BloodwormIMG_1747.jpg


Bigdewy - #14 Olive AP NymphIMG_1745.jpg


FishingBobNelson - #12 Clark's No Hackle Elkhair CaddisIMG_1741.jpg


Notenuftoys - Stretch Lace PupaIMG_1769.jpg

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bigdewy. Thanks so much for taking the time too also photo the flies for us. :headbang:


Must say with yours and Avril's pics of these flies. We should have a great database when we need to fall back and see how them effective patterns were tyed after we lose it to a fish or snag.



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