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Send me your ANTs

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The Great Ant swap of 2011


Fast turn around. Tie 12 Ants and have them in the mail so I have them early in the week of April 25th and I send them back to you by First week in May. Regular rules apply. Send the Ants with toe tags and a self addressed stamped envelope. First twelve with I'm ins get it. Any ant will do. have fun and post pictures. thanks Flon


Swap Is full


Flon18 .............Ant Misbehavin

1 Johny Utah

2 lykos33

3 wes917

4 rstout

5 floyd

6 Polarbear78

7 cencalfly

8 NjFlyman

9 reactionhit

10 Meraz

11 roc23

12 Mattg

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Im In :yahoo: ... TBD :kicking: .. So many patterns to choose from hmmmmmm :coffee:



I love ant flies. One of my fondest fishing moments was with a black fur body ant. I cast, it landed perfectly on a leaf floating down stream(by accident of coarse) I left it on there because it was heading into a trouts lane. Just as it neared the trout, i started to slowly pull the ant off, as it got to the edge of the leaf, the leaf entered the trouts window. The trout rose and took the ant off of the leaf! It was pretty darn cool. It was nice 14" wild brown. :)

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I'm up fer it...will you take swappers from Canada? Got a pretty nice (imho) ant modeled after flytire's ant...

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Welcome all.


A Canadian ant sounds good, The last time I sent flys to Canada in a swap I put US stamps on the return envelope. Not sure how this usually works but I can make it work on my end no problem.

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