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I accidentally posted this under "site help and suggestions" thus, the repost in the appropriate location.


I live in a small city (150,000) in an area where there is tons of fishing! We really only have 1 tackle shop, and their fly fishing section is pathetic. I've been trying to convince the owner to increase his inventory of materials. Right now he has a wide selection of deer hair for bass bugs, but nothing to use as a tail. There is a wide selection of marabou and basic chenille for wooly buggers, but no hackle. There is some dry fly dubbing, but nothing to make tails, wing and lags with. This is the story for everything... half of what you need is there.


I need your help! I'm compiling a list of around 25-30 of the most popular freshwater patterns, in hopes that he will begin to stock the materials necessary for these basic flies. I need patterns for Trout, Bass, Panfish, Walleye, Pike/Muskie, Steelhead and Salmon. I'm not looking for favourites here, I'm looking for most common. Here are some of what I think are on the list


Clouser Minnow

Lefty's Deceiver

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hares Ear Nymph

Wooly Bugger

Copper john




Please add to this list! Don't worry about repeats, just name what you think to be most popular. I'll worry about organizing the list after you have all given your input. Thanks for your help!

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OOOps...I didn't even notice that the first time I posted on this thread... :ph34r:


1. BWO's

2. Rusty Spinner

3. Zonker

4. Muddler Minnow

5. RS-2

6. Prince

7. Mickey Finn

8. Egg Pattern

9. Griffith's Gnat

10. San Juan Worm


Hope this helps you out!!

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Hares ear

pheasant tail

san juan worm


prince nymph



adams parachute

wulff(any color/style)

Elk Hair caddis



wooly bugger


shenks minnow


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