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Gulf Coast Council 2011 EXPO - San Antonio May 6/7th!!

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Gulf Coast Council 2011 EXPO - San Antonio May 6/7th!!



If you've never been to a Gulf Coast Council EXPO or a any other Federation of Fly Fishers EXPO's or Conclaves, you are in for a real treat! If you have been lucky enough to attend one or more in the past, like last year's GCC EXPO in New Braunfels, then you know why we do this, how much fun it is, and you'll need to plan on attending this show!


This year's headliner will be renown tyer, Bob Popovic's. come an learn from a master tyer!


The EXPO Electronic Registration Form, information of classes, and a link to register at the Crown Plaza on the Riverwalk in San Antonio can be found on our EXPO webpage.





Hotel rooms at the special show rate (about a $40-50/day savings!) are going fast, and April 14th is the final day to get the reduced rate. So make your reservations today!


Yeah, you can bring your significant other and make a real vacation out of this weekend! I am.


Here is the latest issue of the GCC's 23 page newsletter,The Gulf Streamer:



This issue of The Gulf Streamer contains a number of articles written by folks who will be giving some of the nearly 40 programs/talks about our upcoming 2011 GCC EXPO in San Antonio coming up on May 6/7th. It also includes articles on our TWO MAJOR TRIPS: the High Lonesome Ranch in Colorado and Deep Water Cay in the Bahamas, and information on our special Buz Buszek Fly Plate, which contains flies from 22 of the living Buz Buszek Recipients (the 23rd is living in a retirement home). Yes, it even contains flies from all three of Texas's own Buszek recipients, Billy Munn, Judy Lehmberg, and Jimmy Nix! This is the first time in many years that such a Buz Buszek Plate has been made and the very first time one has ever been available at a Council show!



Oh, and ya' don't have to be a member of the GCC to attend.. and you'll want to attend 'cuz, we'll have a great selection of the best tyers in Texas and across the Gulf South, along with a host of certified Master Casting Instructors (MCI's) and Certified Casting Instructors (CCI's) - who'll spend all the time that you want or need to improve your casting - again at no extra charge!


There will also be a bunch of vendors (over twice as many as last year!) and lots of raffles and auctions for cool stuff... including 2 high end trips, fabulous fly plates, kayaks (not the cheap ones!), rods, flies, and a bunch more cool stuff!


You'll come back home a better caster, a better tyer, and have a bunch of great new patterns, and most likely a few "pattern" flies tyed by great tyers who will have tyed those flies just for YOU!


It's going to be great EXPO!


See you there!!



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The hotel will be taking reservations at the "discounted event price" ( a savings of more than $40/day) for another week... make your reservations now!

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