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Fly Tying

Evolution Swap

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Probably because of my age, but I remember when "eel skin" was a slang term for a certain item of birth control. Pink ones make a great worm fly.


Nowadays eel skin comes in strawberry taste!





I wouldn't know that!!

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A Pink Parachute Indicator Post is a truly amazing new appendage! I have no trouble accepting this as a necessary adaptation for the newly-evolved parachute hackle. But I worry what future transformations might do to this innocent protuberance! (You don't think this has anything to do with professori's scandalous pink eel skin do you?)

I just hope if he plans on getting it wet he puts his eel skin on the pink post :hyst: :devil:

Hilarious, I really like what this swap is evolving into. Once Einstein said that a dirty mind is a joy forever! Or was it Clinton?


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Alright here we go from the shallow end of the gene pool comes the......


Grey winged Assassin's Cousin :dunno:


hook #14

tail gray hackle fibers (split)

wings mallard

abdomen gray dubbing

hackle grizzly

thorax gray dubbing

legs peacock swords

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Yeah, I like them fancy legs. Had a fly planned and then I saw them fancy legs. :)


I have two flies in mind, one close to the previous transformations and the other, well...


Only one item will change but how much of an evolutionary leap can a fly make? What kind of mutation? :ph34r:

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Good luck cencal! It's your mutation.
I'm gonna need it!

Little did Bart know that after using C Teeter's Grey winged Assassin's Cousin to hook the beauty pictured below the fly mutated into the Winged Mutant Assassin. :eek: However, I see two flies coming from the Grey winged Assassin's Cousin. A divergence in the evolutionary chain if you will. One way went mutant and the other to the Grey Assassin's Crippled Cousin. If it's ok with my fellow swappers and the SM I would like to tie both patterns and professori can choose which branch to follow.




Winged Mutant Assassin :ph34r:


hook: #3 spey

wings: Mallard

tail: peacock sword

abdomen/body: grey dubbing

hackle: Mallard

beard: grey hackle fibers/grizzly hackle/peacock sword


Thinking of those fancy legs and peacock swords got me all worked up. (I may be getting into this swap a little too much :whistle: )




Grey Assassin's Crippled Cousin


hook: #14

tail: gray hackle fibers

wings: elk (tied in cripple style)

abdomen: gray dubbing

hackle: grizzly

thorax: gray dubbing

legs: peacock swords



June 1st is fine by me



Edited April 20, 8:15 AM Pacific Time (added the Grey Assassin's Crippled Cousin)


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I can't imagine anyone getting bent because you want to give us each two flies! I should think professori would welcome the choice.

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