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Moderators needed

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Well as you guys know we have two "sister sites" in addition to FTF. One is rodbuildingforum.com (RBF) and the other is Talkflyfishing.com (TFF) http://talkflyfishing.com/index.php?&CODE=00


TFF use to be a VERY active forum, right in line with FTF but about 2 year ago before we had updated security in place it was bombarded with spam and other things for a bout a week and for some reason even after we updated the site and made it spam free the activity level dropped off.


Well with spring upon us Will & I talked and we would really like to see TFF become active again and become the great site it was a couple years ago. So we will be working on TFF and making a few changes to get things rolling again.


One thing I am doing is I would like to bring aboard around 3-4 new moderators on TFF. What I am thinking is to bring those new moderators from members that are guys here from FTF. Somewhat to breath some new life into TFF so to say.


So what I am looking for are people here from FTF that are interested in being a Moderator for us over on TFF. The main thing we want are people that are ACTIVE here on FTF and will be actively posting (starting new posts/replying to posts) for us on TFF. As well as all the other Moderators tasks of course such as keeping the peace, moving/deleting topics from spammers, helping people, etc etc...but the main thing right now is just getting guys that will go to TFF every day and get some activity going forward. Even if you have not been active yet on TFF that does not matter, as long as you have been an active member here at FTF for a decent amount of time then you will be considered for the position as moderator on TFF.


So if this sounds like something you would like to do then just reply to this post and let us know and after we have enough people interested then we will pick the ones we think will be best for the position.




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Haven't been on this site for that long of a time, but am on quite a bit. I could always help you guys out...this is a great site, and glad I ran across it one day...

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This all sounds great, sometimes it's not only the things like

spams and such, that people don't go on. sometime people life style change,

kids get older and know time is left for the good life. I have been a long time member

but don"t post very often, I still come on but don't often sign in, how many other

members or old members still come on without signing in. good luck to the new moderator

and am awaiting the new work on the sites. good luck to you guys.

As always good work to Steve and Will.

Rod Earl

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