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World Class Fly Plates and Trips - GCC Auction

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The GCC Auction: Gulf Coast Council – FFF Buz Buszek 2011 Fly Plate – A fly plate collectors dream; Individual Fly Plates and Two Fabulous Fly Fishing Trips!


It has been a number of years since a Buz Buszek Recipients Fly Plate has been put together, and so we did just that! As you can imagine, the Gulf Coast Council – FFF Buz Buszek 2011 Fly Plate is spectacular!


Through the great generosity of all these wonderful folks, all but one of the living Buz Buszek Award Recipients are represented in this plate! You will never see such a collection by these masters in one plate again!


At the GCC’s EPXO Auction in San Antonio on May 6, the GCC will be auctioning this Gulf Coast Council – FFF Buz Buszek 2011 Fly Plate, as well a number of other great individual collectible fly plates. The show piece of the evening will be a quality, professional grade plate some 30 by 36 inches containing flies from the 22 of the 23 living Buz Buszek Award Recipients. Included are:


Dave Whitlock (1972); Darwin Atkins (1982); Frank Johnson (1984); Bill Blackstone (1985); Billy Munn (1986); Jimmy Nix (1989); Wayne Luallen (1991); Chuck Echer (1993); Royce Dam (1994); Marvin Nolte (1995); Judy Lehmberg (1997); Jeff" Bear" Andrews (1998); Al Beatty (1999); Bob Jacklin (2000); Bruce Staples (2001); Bill Heckel (2003); Chris Helm (2004); Gary Borger (2006); John Van der Hoof (2007); Henry Hoffman (2008); John Newbury (2009); and Scott Sanchez (2010).


In addition, we will have individual fly plates containing: an Arctic Shrew by Royce Dam; a pair of Al Beatty’s gorgeous dry flies; a selection of beautiful flies by Bob Jacklin; a Calcasieu Pig Boat by the late, Tom Nixon; a wool-head by international tyer, Marc Pincel; a Stippled Popper by Louisiana’s own, Ron Braud; and all the way from Thailand, a Zonker by Dan Byford.


We plan to add a few other individual fly plates by more Buz Buszek Recipients in the coming days!


Yes, this auction is a fly plate collectors, or want-to-be fly plate collector’s dream. As photographs and more complete descriptions of these and other fabulous fly plates come available, they will be posted on the GCC website: http://gulfcoastfff.org/


We will also be auctioning two fabulous trips: the K-T High Lonesome Ranch and to the Deep Water Cay, Bahamas. Please read about these trips in our latest newsletter: http://www.gulfcoastfff.org/uploads/Newsle...reamer_1102.pdf


If you cannot attend the auction but would like an opportunity to obtain any of these plates or trips, please contact the Kyle Moppert – President GCC: [email protected];

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