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Fly Tying
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Czech Nymph SBS

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This is for the step-by-step contest. I'll humbly submit my Czech Nymph Step By Step.



Hook-Any Grub/Shrimp/Scud/Czech nymph hook

Thread-Flat Tan

Rib-Monofilament Thread

Abdomen-Insect Green Synthetic Dubbing

Hot Spot-Bright Red Synthetic Dubbing

Thorax-Hare's Ear Dubbing, Dark Brown




1.) Start the thread and add some lead wire or tape for weight. You do not have to add it, but it will aid in the sinking process. Also, lead tape has it's advantages, letting you shape the body of your nymph precisely how you would like it.




2.) Tie in a Fine Mono-filament Rib. It's like a Danville's thread, so don't waste your money on buying tippet for this purpose.



3.) Dub your body with a little thicker body than you normally would. Stop a little earlier than you would normally to make your thorax.



4.)Then dub your hot-spot right infront of your abdomen. Make sure it's some bright color. This dubbing also has to be synthetic.



5.)Now, half hitch the thread two times and trim off your thread. Making sure your rib is out of the way, heat the whole fly with the flame. This will cause the body to somewhat shrivel up, illustrated in image 5a.



5a-Shriveled Up Body




6.) Restart your thread. Then, wrap your rib up through the whole abdomen, including the hot spot and tie it off. You can use wire to make more pronounced segmentation's if you wish.



7.) Using the split-thread dubbing technique, load in some dark brown natural dubbing. You want it to be natural so you can easily pick out the legs. After wrapping your dubbing on, it should look somewhat like what is pictured in 7a.



7a-Dubbed Thorax.




8.) Brush down all the looser fibers from the thorax. Try not to comb out any of the abdomen fibers. You can also use your fingers and a bodkin to help. Something I do, that takes some practice, is once you have that complete, singe the very top of the thorax with a lighter to somewhat "seal" it. Be careful otherwise you might end up melting through your rib.



9.) Whip finish and trim off your thread. Put on some glue or head cement to seal the top of the fly. You can also use UV curing goo to make a "shell back" on the fly. I only do this for durability purposes.



10.) Your fly is complete.

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Actually flytire, it may remind you of that one, but this is a different fly entirely due to the fact that it is tied using a completely different style of tying. Critiques are welcome...

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Looks good.

Yes, there a numerous Czech nymph tutorials on this forum...but obviously none exactly like yours.

So you are good in that respect.

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