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Grizzly hackles - Which cape?

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As others mentioned, get a grizzly hen neck for wings. Hugh Spencer (Spencer Hackle) had a very good deal posted on Fly Tyer's Dungeon that you might want to check out: http://www.flytyersdungeon.com/Materials/Spencerspecial.htm. Either neck A or B would be my choice...although I'd be tempted to get both, considering how hard hackle is to find these days...


I called "Spencer Hackle" today. He said he has gotten out of the business and sold all of his stuff to some lady then he gave me her number. I asked if she was selling for fly tying or for hair he just laughed and said "her husband is a fly fisherman" I called twice and no one answered, I will try and call again later. I need to find some dry fly hackle in a bad way, I am trying to tie but I am completely out of good hackle. Does an one have any suggestions?


Try either Charlie Collins in New York http://collinshacklefarm.com/ , or Denny Conrad at Conranch hackle http://www.conranch.com/ . Both do not, or will not sell to anyone in the hair industry. They both have really good hackle in many nice colors. With Collins, you can only reach him by phone or snail mail. If Denny's email address bounces back, you can get in touch with him through the FAOL site since he's a moderator there. You have to register for membership, but could probably send a note to him that way too. Hope this helps.




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