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Fly Tying
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DC Wobbler pattern formula

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Hello pusher try this?


I hope it will help.



Hook: TMC 9394 size 2 and 4


Body: Foam/Loco Foam


The best hooks are Tiemco TMC 9394 size 2 and 4. The foam is ordinary Foam, but for the last couple of months I use the side stripping in loco foam of metz. The blades are available(I know for sure cabalas it is called:wobble blades). There are 5 sizes. the smallest is No 5. when you start with this fly to tie you will forget the time and the effort that you are getting back. On reservoirs and lakes I use the number 3 or 4 because it will wobble very good. On rivers I use the no 5 of the blade, it will give your fly that real swimming action that match the hatch. On rivers I use most of the time a (I dont know how you call this: lead in the shape of a small ball 1 gram(Editor’s Note…Split Shot)). the fly will go under and with small twitches I let the fly swim over the bottom like a real swimming nymph. The most action I get when the fly is going to the surface(like a real mayfly nymph). Another very effective cast is downstream. This fly will sort out the big ones who are hiding in holes and other obstacles on the riverbank. This fly is also a good saltwater fly, a killer for permit, tarpon, and really big brownees. In some occasions I use sinking line or intermediate when the fish is on other layers of the water. Success with tying this magnificent fly.

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