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panfish swap size 1-18

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I have finally decided on a swap and I decided to do one where each swapper picks a size and makes his/her flies in that size. I decided to have the catagory of the flies for panfish because they can eat pretty big flies and pretty small flies. The sizes are 1-18 and are picked on a first come, first serve basis. You will tie up 10 flies and the usual swap rules apply with a due date of October 15 and decided on a fly by one week after signing up. You will not be getting your flies if you do not send a packaging with postage on it to me! I will take size 16 and do a little bh pheasant tail nymph type fly that I don't know the name of.


Swap full


size 1-JackTJL received 9/22

size 2-Andydoc

size 4-yetavon-clouser received 9/23

size 6- GPD4-arrived

size 8-BH RL hares ear

size 10-Flytire-mackie bug received 9/26

size 12-famill00-Hi-Vis foam beetle recieved 9/3

size 14-Jolly Red-Gorilla Glue ant received 9/23

size 16-SM-bh pheasant tail nymph done

size 18-margaretann-silly damsel

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if there are any spots left,I will tie a smaller to medium fly. let me know what it left.




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OK all of you guys are in. Salty, the smallest size left is a size 6 which i think you could do a lot with

Size 6 works for me,I will do a pink with white hackle I call it my 'bluegill killer'it does not really 'kill' them,It just kills them.If I had to use one fly for the 'gills it would be this one.I will get them out soon,in the next few weeks,just to have it done.Thanks for hosting this swap.

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