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This swap is closed to new swapper's




Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2011! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies (amount stated below) and I photograph them, wrapped them and randomly send them to your secret swapper. The secret swapper does not know until they open them, who they are from. There are Secret Santa prize's that are randomly given away to the swappers that have their flies to me on time!



One of the prizes


My set of flies for the swap! Herman got them last year!




A few changes are in order due to members joining and not finishing the swap. If you cannot make the date on this swap, please do not join!!!! I will need your real name, e-mail address and your home address sent to me by PM when you reply at the time you reply with I’M IN! When I receive your information I will add you to the swapper’s list. If you would like to join in and you are sure you can make the deadline that the flies have to make it to me by, reply with I'M IN and pm me your information!



Flies will be due by 11-1-11 (Due by 11-1-11, not shipped by 11-1-11.), so they can be photographed, get wrapped and be on their way to their secret swapper's before Christmas. Since we do not know what is going to happen to our postal service, I am trying to get the flies back to me and out to you earlier.






These are the categories to send in. Pick one!


1) 10 of your favorite flies

2) 10 different flies that you fish

3) 10 flies that you like to tie

4) one realistic fly

5) one full dressed classic fly


A lot of members put there flies in a flybox and send them. It makes it nicer for the person getting your flies. You don't have to do this, it is your choice.

Also you are not limited to 10 flies (10 flies are all you need to send), you can send as many as you want. They all go to your secret swapper.


You decide what you think someone would like to receive, tie them up and send them in. No limit to the amount of swappers. Swap will close to new swapper’s on 10-17-11.




Thank You




1)NJ All Day OK

2)riffleriversteelheadslayer OK

3)Big J OK


5)fly tryer OK RECEIVED

6)bluegill576 OK

7)famill00 OK RECEIVED

8)mybadhabit OK RECEIVED

9)fishingbobnelson OK RECEIVED

10)flygirl OK

11)FrequentTyer OK RECEIVED

12)Margaretann OK

13)Chase Creek OK RECEIVED

14)Jolly Red OK RECEIVED

15)Will OK

16)Dezod OK

17)lykos33 OK RECEIVED

18)Horseshoes OK RECEIVED

19)imx OK

20)utyer OK RECEIVED

21)bigdewy OK RECEIVED

22)jburge OK

23)Ridleyffo OK


25)breambuster OK RECEIVED

26)cencalfly OK RECEIVED

27)Finjunkie OK RECEIVED

28)2bonthewater OK

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I'm in!!!!


Kinda curious, do we need to send a SASE? or funds to pay for postage? how does it work, the same as a normal swap? Never done the Secret Santa Swap before.

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