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On 12/27/2011 at 1:24 AM, nightheron said:

post-30681-0-24824400-1324966472_thumb.jpgTennessee Brownie

post-30681-0-59051000-1324966490_thumb.jpgNorth Georgia Bow

post-30681-0-60605400-1324966508_thumb.jpgLight Circle Buffalo

post-30681-0-76290100-1324966537_thumb.jpgChockoloskee Snook

post-30681-0-18428500-1324966556_thumb.jpgArgentina (Chaco Province) Golden Dorado

post-30681-0-08566500-1324966633_thumb.jpgTennessee Cherokee Bass

Familiar with those places except for Argentina...too far to drive.

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1 hour ago, feathers5 said:

Ha, that's a lot of crawfish. I tie about 4 patterns. Nice job.

LOL ...  I'm not that good a tyer, those were from a swap earlier this year.

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I was going through some old pictures(taken 15 years ago).  I caught this trout out of a private lake my salt water fly fishing club had been invited to fish in west central PA.

Cut Throat?




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