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I spent last week on Cape Cod, fishing for striped bass. This 40+" fish took a #2 chartreuse-over-white Clouser that was dragging across the flat while I was eating a sandwich!




The weather was great and the stripers were cooperating. We had a blast.


Tight lines,


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Actually had the presence of mind to photo some fish I caught this evening. I always get so focused on making a quick release and so rarely bring my camera I never remember to take pictures when I have it.




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Same trip. Same fly (Guide's Choice Hare's Ear) and from behind the same rock.


This is one of the things I like about the my "home river". The Wells River, Vt.


At the mouth where it empties into the Connecticut River there is really good bass and walleye fishing and in early spring there are very large browns and rainbows. Just up stream there are good size browns and rainbows and the occasional brookie. This continues through out most of the river then the headwaters hold lots and lots of brookies.

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1 Week into my Slovenia trip.... had some decent success on a few of my flies, some more success on flies

bought from the store (out of my skill range for right now). Pretty cool though.... the biggest fish was a Hucho Hucho caught in the Sava Bohinjka on a streamer, from what I understand that's pretty rare....,

another one (the one that is a crappy pic) is a 40+cm Grayling which is my biggest grayling so far....

pretty cool experience so far






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