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Fly Tying

FTF Fly Challenge: Clouser Minnow

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I tie this Lipped pattern as more of a combination Clouser, Half and Half, and Seaducer, I call it the Holy Trinity. It swims up off the bottom in a most enticing way.

attachicon.gifholy trinity full jpg.jpg


Going through an old thread and saw this great fly. I have tied the same thing, albeit without the lip, for many years, and it is my absolute go to. Funny how you don't see this rather simple idea used much--feather tail, hackle body, and a bucktail wing. It's killer. I once had a hardhead catfish pick one off the bottom when I was messing with my bag in FL and had the fly just sitting on the bottom. You know you have a winner when you catch a hardhead still-fishing!

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