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Fly Tying
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Rabbit Sculpin

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First tied many years ago, has similarities to the muddler style, but also distinct differences.



Hook : Size 10=4X streamer hook

Thread : Uni white 8/0

Natural rabbit, silver holographic tinsel, natural deer hair and uv resin (to protect the tinsel and make it more durable)




6mm behind the eye of the hook, wrap your thread back tightly, touch and turn, to the bend vertically in line with the barb.




Get a nice clump of the rabbit hair, clipped from the hide. Hold it tightly and remove the soft under hair, using either a moustache comb or the tips of your thumb and index finger. Tie it in.




Cut a piece of the tinsel about 6 or 7 cm long. Start at the tail and tie it in, wrapping touch and turn to the beginning of thread wraps behind eye and tie off. Using a form of uv resin (you can use bug bond or cure-goo)lightly spread along the tinsel, DO NOT GET ANY IN HAIR, and set it up with the uv light.




Repeat step 2 for wing, tying off level with the first thread wraps behind the eye.





Original pattern calls for natural deer hair (though colour of your choice as a variant). Clip a clump from the hide, clean out under fur and stack hair. Remove the hair from the stacker, hold it between thumb and index finger and starting where you tied your wing off, (allowing 3/4mm covering a little of the wing) trim the hair to the desired length, allowing the wing to show. Take two loose wraps/spin and pull tightly to flare deer hair. Pull back the flare, two wraps in front, take the packer and pack the hair tightly. Clip a second clump, clean, stack and clip both ends level, then two loose wraps, spin in tightly, pull back the flare, two wraps and pack. At this point if you still have a gap you need to use a third clump of hair. Pull back, tie off and shape head with scissors or razor blade.



Step 6


Fly is done and ready to go fishing.







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Well done SBS GrizzlyBear, looks to be a simple yet productive fly and will be added to my arsenal for next year! Thanks!

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