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Fly Tying
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It is the night before Christmas and here at our house

grandmas still cooking, with silver bells on her blouse.

Im still busy at the bench tying tiny flys for next year,

but tomorrow is Christmas, and therell be lots of cheer.


Yes with the bird in the oven, and the pies high on the shelf,

the kids and our grands are all coming, and therell be no stealth.

Therell be plenty of running and climbing and shouting,

Im counting on the grands and their energy no doubting.


As sure as theres a Santa on the shelf with a sleigh,

Ill be putting my prized collection of tiny flys all away.

With the house full with family that Ill be tickled to see,

My feathers will be tucked away just as safe as can be.


My tying station wont fit where my grands cannot see,

So Ill have to hide it in the attic where safe it will be.

With my dubbing and hackle and hooks and all tucked away

All my grands are all welcome to hang with me for a stay.


Though I wonder and am asking you with good cheers,

Could there less shouting without buds in their ears?

Yes, is the night before Christmas and here under our tree,

Tomorrow will bring grands full of energy and glee. Wooopeee

-randy- (poksal)



Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday to each of you and your families from Kaye and I ..... and the kids and grands.

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Nicely done, as a grandpa, with number three due shortly, it bought a smile to my face... and I cleaned up my tying area.


- Charlie

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