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Fly Tying

How to get started in fly tying

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As far as getting started on a budget... many experienced fly tyers have a kit vise or similar laying around and may would give it to a starting tyer who is sincere and will pay postage just to see it get used and help someone get started.


Here is a good consideration to evaluate that is not all that popular at the moment, but is quickly gaining an awful lot of momentum in a hurry. Look into tenkara fly fishing. This kind of fly fishing is most likely going to be VERY popular in a few years, because it catches more fish and tends to shun away from all the complicated learning of modern western fly fishing which these days makes it so difficult, taking us back to basics again. Tenkara is an accident form of fly fishing that was apparently developed in Japan during the shogun period and was taught and learned to be able to eat and survive. Tenkara fly fishing doesnt use any kind of fly reel. Much of the opinions you will hear are not based on facts, so research it out for yourself. This is a serious well established, EFFECTIVE method. It takes much less hardware to fish and the flys are mostly simpler to tie and can be tied with sewing thread and the feathers found in your yard. Some famous champion tenkara fly fishers only fish with one fly pattern, period, ever. Tenkara fly fishing uses a different philosophy in which you seduce the fish into taking the bait. It doesnt use conventional fly line and you usually dont let any line get into the water to spook the fish. You frequently let only a couple of inches or so of the tippit in the water, if any . There are casting methods to learn but they are more natural to pick-up. Tenkara concentrates more on the presentation and less on the fly. A tenkara fisherman believes if you present the fly correctly you can seduce the fish into biting with most any decent fly, having reverse hackles, of the correct sizeof which you can cause to act alive.


I am presently converting to tenkara and continuing to love to tie flys for a hobby. ...AND you CAN use them very effectively while fishing the tenkara method.

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Try not to get too frustrated. You can watch all the videos in the world but once the materials are in your hands it feels pretty difficult. Watching people tie on youtube makes it look really easy. It isnt that easy at first, but you just need to force yourself to get used to the materials and you will be amazed how easy it will begin to feel. I bought a ton of stuff, spent countless hours practicing and getting pretty frustrated, but in less time then you think, it will start to come together. I have now been tying all of my own flies for several seasons and its so worth the time you invest to learn. Good luck!

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