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EP baitfish

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I've been scouring the internet for more info on EP fiber tying for the past few days, and I wanted to ask you guys a question:


How many of you regularly fish 'em, and how many of you are just tying them?


I can't find many fishing reports after a day of using EP fiber streamers, and even fewer pics of someone landing a fish with an EP fly in the mouth.


These flies look awesome, but how do they compare to more traditional bass and pike flies (or when used for other species as well) regarding number of strikes and fish boated?


I'm counting the days for pike opener, I'm more excited about this pattern than any other for my first attempt at chasing pike on the fly.


Hello there, last few years i have fished these flies quite a lot in both fresh and salt. It is true that they sink quite slowly and i am usually using a sink tip of some sort however if you add a nice 'pause' to your retrieve you are in for some action.


I have got pike on these flies while chasing smallies so i do know they work for pike. Salmon and steelhead crunch them too, easy fly to cast and always have a few in my box...Most saltwater fish chew them down too.


This style i tie is my favourite, quite slim...





Just looking around, here is an 'accidental mini pike' on mini ep in tan. Think you can just see the eye sticking in the corner of the mouth...




Do it in purple and it's probably one of the few flies i have seen sockeye chase down to eat (no idea why). Once again i think u can see the eye in this things yap.




One question for you guys...I have seen this happen, a fish is chasing the fly in and you strip faster and the fly 'flips' on its side, the fish loses interest i find if the fly 'flips', probably need a heavier hook to keel it better? Leads to my main question...


How do you guys weight this fly so it still rides correctly?

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"How do you guys weight this fly so it still rides correctly?"


I use a rather heavy hook, size 1 or 2 Gamakatsu 60 degree jig hook, and I heat the bend and straighten it out and therefore my eye is parallel to the length of the shank, I feel gives it better movement with a non-slip loop knot. The fibers do get fouled up by a good fish though and I can't say the fibers undulate well like some other synthetics.




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