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Bryan Wright

Canada Trip

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Hey guys it's been a while.


My boss is going on a trip to Canada and was asking me where he should go. I have never been and I know some of you have. He is looking for a guided trip. I also want to tie him up some fly's to take and that will depend on where he is going. Any ideas on both? Where he should go and what I should tie for him?





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Hello Bryan Wright


If you boss is looking to catch some Atlantic Salmon he should try Miramichi New Brunswick or the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. Lots of fishing lodges and guides available. He would have a chance at landing some black salmon in the spring and some bright salmon in the fall. Some fish are caught every year over 50lbs. Need a 7wt minimum but a 8wt switch rod would be very helpful. I have caught salmon on a 5wt but it is alot harder.


Flies you would need

1)Miramichi Green Machine (red/green, red, green, butt with a krystal flash tail or white calf tail)

2)Blue Charm

3)Shady Lady

4)Blue Smurf

5)Black Bear Green Butt

6)Copper Killer

7)Bomber of various colors

8)Alley Shrimp

9)LT Special

10)Miramichi Cosseboom


12)Silver Rat

13)Rusty Rat

14)Renous Special


In the spring time you would want to tie larger flies because of the run off and the water is dirtier. Some flies I have seen can be up to a 2/0 to 3/0 hook. I have caught salmon on almost all of those flies myself but you could always call a fly tying shop and ask them. I can pm a number to you if you are interested.


If you boss is looking to get into some wild brookies and steelheads, he could try where I am from. PEI Canada. It is a small province with only one true river and the rest are small creeks that are tidal affected so it changes how you would fish. Fish the start of a rising tide is when you will have your most luck I have found. Also some small bodies of still water with some big 25+ lb stocked rainbows in them as well as wild brookies. I can a pm a number to you for a fly shop there as well. I would say a 5wt is all you would need there unless you were going to try for some of the big hatchery fish. Most wild trout are around 14 inches but some get over 24 inches, seen some 5lb brookies last year and a few 10+ lb steelhead.


Flies you would need are

1)PT nymph (flashback and beaded as well)

2)Hares Ear nymph

3)San Juan worm in multiple colors

4)Egg flies for early in the season

5)Zebra midge (I have found size 16 and 18 to work the best in red and black colors)

6)Elk Hair caddis flies

7)Brassie (size 12 - 18, some with white beads and some with two sizes of wire, tie in red, copper, gold)

8)Copper John in red and black

9)Wooly buggers and worms


Generally go a few sizes bigger in the spring and smaller towards the fall. Can be frustrating to fish as the tides and rain fall can really change how and when you should fish. If it rains heavily you may have a hard time to fish because the water can be dirtied for days. Also when the tide is high the water movement will slow down to a crawl and it is hard to hook fish until it starts to pick up its pace.

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If you want some crazy browns, bows, bulls, cutties, brookies, and yummy white fish than Calgary Ab might be your destination! Amazing weather and mountain fishing awaits you. simple trout flies work great aswell as big 6-10" streamers for some 15lb bull trout. Give me a PM if you need local contacts or areas to walk and wade.

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The stillwater fishing in Kamloops British Columbia is second to none 200 hundred lake within an hour of town. Depending on the lake you can get rainbows up to ten pounds. A 5 or 6 wt. is used and one of the best techniques is chironomiding you would call them midges but we tie them from size 16 to size 8. Average rainbow is two pounds. These are natural lakes most all lakes are rainbow populated, but there are a few with both rainbow and brook trout. High time is May and June.

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