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5/6 wt pole for beginner (redington or tfo)?

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Well I ended up finding a decent deal on a new Lefty Kreh Professional from TFO rod (http://www.templeforkflyrods.com/products/rods/professional.html).

Medium Fast Rod

Then found another decent deal on a new TFO Prism reel as well as a redington crosswater reel (so I can try them both out). I was able to stay under my 200 dollar budget and should be happy for this season anyways!


thank you all for your helpful info sounds like tfo is the way to go (on my budget anyways.. then again that bvk series looks sick!)



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I have a 5wt Classic Trout Redington. It is a medium action rod and is great for dry cast and gentle presentations. With a good fly line you should be able to cast accurately up to 40 feet(I have the airflo ridge tactical line)and when you get the feel of the rod you could and will cast much further. Only thing being a medium action rod I find it harder to roll cast and have to do some fancy spey casting(one handed) to get it where I want but I was able to roll cast an intermediate sinking tip almost as far as an overhand cast. Had quite a few people impressed with the roll casting but you have to work it and I sometimes had to do a few short roll casts to position the line properly, but when I did I could hit a dime with the fly.


Had a few 5lb+ steelies on it as well as a few atlantic salmon. I didn't land to many salmon as I didn't have a strong enough rod but you could feel every twitch those fish made which is awesome and heart thumping fun. A few fish were over 15lb guessing from the size and I landed 4 or 5, 5lb-7lb grilse with the rod.


I haven't used a TFO rod but I am thinking of getting switch in the next year and will be looking their way.

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