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Damsel/Dragonfly swap

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My last swap is just about completed so I thought I would host another. Twelve tiers, tie your favorite damsel or dragonfly pattern, (not nymphs). All swap rules apply and please do not send canadian money or cash in the mail. I have no way place near me to get the money changed over and I also do not like cash in the mail in case it was stolen. When done mail your flies to

Sherri Blaylock

16166 W Clyde Maher Road

Tahlequah Ok 74464

Due date will be March 15th.

1.Sherri B-foam damsel done :D complete

2.Margaretann <_<

3.Qballs adult damsel recieved :D complete

4.JollyRed-recieved :D complete

5.Shadowfly <_<

6.Jimboha blue damsel Recieved :rolleyes: complete

7.David Mcvey deerhair damsel recieved :D complete

8.notenuftoys-evilweevil damsel recieved :D

9.Bill Seimers TBD Recieved :D

10.Aroostookbasser-Microdragon <_<

11.Famill00 recieved :D complete

12.Knightstalker adult damsel Recieved :D



Please let me know if you have not recieved your flys? Thanks, Sherri

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Well, I found some damsels flying around at a mountain lake last weekend. I used my damsels for a little while and did OK bringing up the Brookies. For a mountain lake in the west, these weren't bad - up to 13".

Then I tied on one of your guys' damsels. I do not remember the name that had been on the toe tag, but it was a somewhat bushy wing with a contorted body. I had thought it perhaps too bushy, but the instant that guy hit the water, a big fat brookie hit it - I saw his belly and he was fat! But I had dropped my line while shooting it out and was not ready to set the hook! I did get some more strikes and even landed a few on that fly. (But I only had one shot at at that fat one.) So I think that fly is a keeper. Maybe the tier can speak up and give me the instructions so I can tie some more. The one I have left is not in very good condition after about an hour of fishing with it, so it's hard to copy.


I did also notice that my damsels are somewhat fragile. But after letting them dry out completely the body becomes rigid again. I also had them land upside down many times, but that did not slow the fish. My friend also had some luck with the damsel, but found that the fish went for the scud he dropped off it more.


Thanks for a great swap - I'll try to use more of these when I get to my favorite (damsel-infested) lake at the end of August.



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