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Fly Tying

Best online supplier?

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I have used J. Stockard, Caddis fly Shop and Fly Tiers Dungeon so far.

I would rate them as follows.


Caddis fly Shop is best, much quicker delv. good prices plus they have tons of videos on tying which is a big help to me as a rookie so that's worth something to me. I have talked to them several times on the phone and they have been great everytime.


J. Stockard 2nd only because they have a bigger selection than the Dungeon. they are 2-3 days longer for delv. than the Caddis fly shop. They also seem like more of a big business than the other 2.


Fly Tyers dungeon last only because he has a limited selection of stuff, I know he makes the stuff himself and if I'm looking for anything he makes I'm buying from him 1st. You do get the best deal for the buck from him by a long shot. I really like his congo hair and his stick on eyes.

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I've been buying supplies from J. Stockard for a year or so now. I simply can't recommend them enough. The customer service is top-notch, the shipping is fast and best of all, they have the best prices I've found anywhere. Over the years I've shopped for supplies at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Hook-n-Hackle, Feathercraft, Little River Outfitters, Unicoi Outfitters( the closest shop to me), and Orvis...and probably a few others I've long since forgotten about for one reason or another. But instead of me trying to convince you why you should buy from J. Stockard, just do this: Pull up J. Stockard's website and pick a page with prices of something you normally use. Then, in another tab (you do have tabs, right?) pull up anyone else. If there is someone out there selling fly tying materials for less, I haven't found them. They may not be the lowest on every single product, but for me they are lowest on almost everything I use - and there's no better place to get materials, tools, or great customer service.


Full Discclosure: J. Stockard does, from time to time, donate a gift card for us to give away on my website. That honestly has nothing to do with my opinion of them as far as advising someone else to check them out. Just pull up a few sites and compare prices. You'll see. :)

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I have 3 sites I visit regularly, and each gives great service. My favorite and the one where I have spent the most money over the years is J. Stockard in Connecticut. Second after Stockard is FlyTyersDungeon and the Mad Scientist from Montana. And third is Bear's Den Flyfishing Company from Maine.


There are many others and many of them are very good, too, but these three are tops in my book in inventory, service, and just all-round nice people to deal with. I like each one and have always been treated very well, often dealing directly with the owner or a family member. Give them a try.




Just FYI. Bears Den is in Taunton, Massachusetts

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I doubt you'll be disappointed in that choice. :) ( PS - larger businesses usually employ more people. Right now, that's a plus in my book. )

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When purchasing items on the web, I still like to first use local shops and small suppliers. Support your local shops first, then your favorite non-local shops.


For tungsten beads, I've always been very pleased with the wide variety of colors and sizes, i.e 13 colors in 7 sizes, and the great prices at Jimmy Traylor's Wishes and Fishes Fly Shop in Bull Shoals, Arkansas, 870-445-3848:









I just copied this from his web site:


"Special price on Natural Color Tungsten beads $3.00 per package of 25 up to 1/8 and $3.50 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the 3/16 size.


All other colors $4.00 per package of 25 and $4.75 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the 3/16 size. Click on the Tungsten Bead page for pictures of all the colors....


Brass Beads in Black, Gold, Copper & Silver are now available in 100 count packs and 25 count packs.


25 count packages $1.75 and the 100 count packages are $5.50."


When ordering from Jimmy, I almost always pick up some flies, hooks or other items, at usually at great prices/quality.


Even though Jim's shop is 500 miles from my house, I still consider it one of my "local" shops.


By the way, Jimmy is a excellent guide for the White and Norfork Rivers in Arkansas, and he's good guy!



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