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Owl Jones

The Hard Way: Poppers N Paint

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Well, I'm back. :)


Thanks to you guys and a little fiddling around with different techniques and materials, I finally got it all figured out. Everything is rolling right along now, and we even opened a store because I was getting so many email inquiries about the poppers. We're now making future plans for saltwater poppers and some more stuff I can't talk about yet. If you're interested in what a quicly thrown together popper website might look like, the link is www.zazzypop.com


This week we're going to make an intro video and take care of the "business" end of things, including setting up credit card payments, etc. I'm more than a little hesitant about jumping in with both feet - but we have our reasons, which I won't bore you with here.


Just wanted to stop by this thread again and thank you all for the help and recommendations you've given me.

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I've got to ask what wound up working for you as far as fixing the marker so it wouldn't run and what hook did you find to work?



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Just found this thread today. I would also like to know what you use to keep the markers from running? If I was guessing I would say hair spray my wife uses it in her craft projects to keep markers from running. BF

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Hey guys. Well, I'm dragging this post up from March 2012. :) :) :)




Well, I'm no longer selling the poppers and I thought I'd let you guys know what worked as far as being able to use Sharpie markers and then epoxy with no run of the ink.

The trick I finally settled on was coating the poppers in a very thin coat of Elmer's CLEAR glue. Let that dry and you can use two part epoxy on your poppers with no runs at all. That said, much later on ( around 2014 ) I accidentally ran across an even better solution. Time.


I painted up some poppers with Sharpie's and got caught up doing other things. Came back to them a week later and started to epoxy them.

I thought I'd already coated them, but then remembered that I hadn't.

Letting the ink from the Sharpie's dry for a week ( might only take a day or two? ) meant that whatever was reacting with the Sharpie had evaporated (?) and there was no reaction with the epoxy. So coloring up the poppers and then letting them sit meant I no longer used the clear Elmer's glue. Took out a step, solved the problem, just took a little planning ahead.


I ran across this thread while looking for something else popper related, and wanted to come back and tell you guys what worked, in case someone else stumbled onto this thread in the future. :) Happy Tying everyone. :)



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Sharpie markers are not a permanent an ink as the India Ink used for drawing and I've even had the India ink smear when coated

with epoxy.


I've never found the Lowe's and Home Depot stores in my area to carry 30 minute epoxy on the several occasions I've looked. The

closest thing I found on their web sites is a marine epoxy that one review said doesn't dry clear. Once in a while I've found the 30

minute epoxy at Walmart. Hardware stores such as Ace have been my most consistent local sources.


Like tidewaterfly I go with Devcon. But I freely admit I've not tried any of the other brands.


Water based acrylic craft paint works well with epoxy and the polyurethanes I've used. All you really need to have a nice looking

popper to catch fish is one color on the body and some eyes and you are good to go. A friend of mine only glues the bodies to

the hook and ties materials behind the head with no painting or clear coating whatsoever and he catches fish. Mostly the painting

is to satisfy your arts and crafts side.

I was punching in different states and location. It seems all the ones I checked had the epoxy. But if your Lowes don't. You can order it and ships to store for free.

This is what I buy. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Devcon-Clear-Epoxy-Adhesive/4006643 Sorry your looking for 30 min.

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