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There is alot of good info on here. Its great to see and compare how everyone is prepared. I am going out later to try and get some gills and maybe a bass. We'll see how I do.


One other question; lanyards the kind that go around the neck with all the tools. Does anyone use one are they worth it or do they get in the way?

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What do you use for a seine OldTrout? I am thinking of getting into some entomology just because I want to know what is really down there.


If you're getting into Entomology you could do a lot worse than perusing the BioQuip website.


Here's a couple of links.







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Thanks for the links oldtrout58.


As for things I take with me are forceps (one with a built in tippet cutter and jaws for clamping on split shot), tippet spools from 4lb to 12-15lb so I can make new leaders, 3 fly boxes (one for nymphs, one for streamers, and one for drys), floatant, split shot, and indicators/hoppicators along with a water proof camera. I sometimes will take some sinking tips of various weights for fishing the middle/bottom of the water column. Also some cigars and a lighter.


If I am going out for a day I will take food, water and a rain jacket depending on time of year.


Also take toilet paper because if you don't have any your day could be ruined.


If I am salmon fishing I will leave all my weights behind(not allowed to fish weighted flys or use weights when fishing for Atlantic salmon here, save problems if an officer wanted to be an a-hole just because I have some on me) and usually only take wets and a few common nymph patterns. If I am expecting possible trouble I will bring the regulation book.

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