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Your Reviews for the Danvice

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Tied on a friend's on occasion. I really don't get on with it for one important reason. Access to the hook. If you are tailing a fly the material is usually held in the non dominant hand, between finger and thumb with the top edges of the finger and thumb parallel to the floor. Therefore the back of the hand is vertical, and the bulk of the hand below the material. The tailing material is offered up in this position. (As are wings and anything else you want on top of the hook shank). The problem with this vice is there is no space to put your hand into behind the hook. With your hand in the natural position you can not place the tailing material along the top of the hook shank. Instead you have to turn your hand a very unnatural 90 degrees and offer up the materials with your thumb in the way. It makes pinch and loop very difficult. This is a difficult manoeuvre for the beginner to get to grips with without adding this difficulty to it.

That is why it gets the thumbs down from me. (or would if there were space)



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I've had mine for about 6 weeks now. First impressions? I really like it. I don't tie anything that I've had an issue with concerning the lack of room at the back of the hook. Perhaps if I was tying some articulated flies that might be an issue and require the extension arm but so far no issues even with large extended body flies. The only thing I wondered about before buying this vise was that some people had problems with the jaws bending or spreading. I think that if you follow the DVD instructions that it becomes a non issue. Love this vise so far.



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