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Fly Tying
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Royal Cubbage

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The Royal Cubbage is named after Tom Cubbage of Texas, who found the Colorado King dressing out floated the Royal Wulff but the Browns liked the coloration of the Royal Wulff..hence the pattern




HOOK: dry fly style 6-12


TAILS: 2 peccary fibers or moose body hair tied in long a widespread at each side

BODY: Royal Coachman style but with a twist. The rear peacock herl is tied in at the

rear BEFORE the tails. Then the tails are tied in on each side. Red floss is then

tied in and wrapped to the wing position

HACKLE: Brown tied palmer over the red floss only. There should br 6-7 turns of hackle

to give the fly good floating qualities

WING: White calf tail tied over the body and extending to about the middle of the tail

HEAD: peacock herl



Reference: Popular Fly Patterns by Terry Hellekson

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Great looking fly flytire, I have really good luck with the Royal Wulff's here in the east on brookies. This looks a little bit easier to tie have to give it a try.

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Again, a nicely tied fly flytire, I think I like this even more than the one with the red fibers tail and no hackle palmered. A little more involved tie, but looks to be worth the extra effort!


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