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Fly Tying
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Tying a Riffle hitch

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Hi everyone


Does anyone have some info or pointers on tying the riffle hitch?




You could try a different way to present any streamer as a skating pattern. Cut a little circle (about 3/8" or even less for a small fly) from a clear plastic bottle, make a hole in the middle, and put your tipper through it. Then tie on a fly on a salmon type hook, with a turn-up eye. The knot should be a turtle-type, so the line goes through the hook eye and then attaches to the fly head.


Now cast your fly into the current - it will start skating on that plastic circle. Tight lines!


Instead of a self-made plastic circle with a hole you could use the round plastic "jewelry" from a craft store (the lower fly at the image). The upper one has a special mono loop at the "chin". This is another, a little more complicated way to skate the wet fly.


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