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Bull/Brown Trout Streamer Swap

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Anybody wanna start a swap for this? I have a good double bunny pattern I could tie up. Lets make the due date for may 25th? I cannot host yet, because I have to participate in one more fly swap. So basically tie up your best streamer pattern for fishing them big bulls/browns/rainbows that you always do good with. Anybody down to host this swap?

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Hmm, I just completed my fourth swap, and fifth is supposed to be done. I've also notified the 'authorities' about intent to host and info, so technically I should be good to go.


If I knew any (good?) streamers for browns or bulls (which are protected in Idaho so we are not supposed to target them), I would be swapmeister. I'm checking to see what I can do. Or drum up.


Please stand by...



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I've completed the requisite number of swaps (plus two!) so I'm ready to start hosting. I'm answering the call from MrFlyFishingGuy to host this Bull/Brown Streamer swap, so here goes.



Looking for TWELVE (12) tiers, tie your favorite Bull Trout or Brown Trout or Rainbow STREAMER. (Why not any Trout!) Remember, some of us fish the smaller rivers and streams, so we're not always fishing for monsters: so sizes #12 up to #6 but exceptions are certainly permitted.


Some comments: (standard swap rules apply)


  • The swap is open to 12 tiers plus myself (mail 12 flies in, don't get your own back).

  • Deadline for delivery to me is 25 May so don't delay. I believe the motto "Punctuality is the trait of kings" so plan accordingly. If everyone could have them to me by then, I can sort them over the weekend and mail them out Monday. We could be catching fish by the first day of June.

  • If you're going to be late, PLEASE tell me in advance or the swap might proceed without you. And please notify me soonest if you must drop out. If we have a shortage of tiers completing, I will distribute the excess flies amongst all the participants - you will not get your own flies back unless you request it.
    **Don't forget the toe-tags!**

  • Please do not put dated pre-paid postage on your return envelope - use stamps, and don't overlap them.

  • If you can, use a postal scale to get a good idea of your actual weight. I usually weigh my outgoing package and apply the same postage to the return envelope.

  • Canadians or non-US allowed, but please work with me to get me USPS stamps or US currency. (And tell us in advance of any import restrictions on materials used in the flies!)


Please respond with an "I'm in" and the pattern you will be tying and I'll add you to the list. When done please send the flies to

Jim Hewitt

1230 N. Vineyards

Meridian, ID 83642-4345


Thank you - I'm looking forward to having fun! hope you are, too. :D





Swapmeister: Jimboha! - Rapid Muddler #8 DONE :) HAS FLIES


1. MTFlyJunkie - JJ's Special in a size 6 RCVD :) HAS FLIES

2. avril - Double Gonga RCVD :) HAS FLIES

3. Ebrant10 - Black Ghost RCVD :) HAS FLIES

4. fishingbobnelson - Harris Special RCVD :) HAS FLIES

5. eastern fly - Articulated Copper Pheasant RCVD :)

6. border collies - Dolly Llama RCVD :)

7. MrFlyFisherGuy - Double Bunny in a white/pink pattern DROPPED OUT :(

8. djgunter - Peacock Streamers RCVD :)

9. benmz - Zonker style streamer RCVD :) HAS FLIES

10. MTFlyJunkie - skittering smolt #4 RCVD :) HAS FLIES

11. Jimboha! - Mickey Finn #8 DONE :) HAS FLIES

12. --swap closed--

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fishingbobnelson and eastern fly - you're in. Welcome aboard!


Swap is nearly half-full (or is it half-empty? :blink: ) so speak up if you have interest to get in.


Did I miss anybody?




PS I've swapped with some of these tiers before and I can tell you, we are in for treat!

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MrFlyFisherGuy - are you in with your double bunny pattern? Didn't want to add you without knowing for sure.



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