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FTF Official Shirt Ordering Thread

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Alright guys, here is the official ordering thread for FTF & Hatches shirts. Please consider this a sale because whatever you ask for is what I am going to order and I dont want to order shirts that will not end up being paid for. Please reply to this topic with the shirt style, color and size you wish to order. I will accept orders for a few weeks, once the shirts arrive I will begin accepting payment.


The FTF MLB shirt is only available in White


The Hatches Shirt is only available in Olive Sizes S - 2XL



Here is the price breakdown

1 Shirt: $17.00 each

2 Shirts: $16.00 each

3 or more: $15.00 each



The shipping is a flat rate so if you order 300 shirts the shipping charge will be what is listed below.


U.S. $3.00

Canada $5.00

All other international $10.00


The shirts are made from 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton.


Since I have no minimum for each color so I decided to pick out a variety of colors to choose from. There are other colors so if you want a color that is not listed let me know and I will see what I can do. Just remember, the printing has to stay in white so the colors should be dark so the printing can be seen. Some colors are not available in 3XL. Verify the size you want is available in the color you want. These are only digital representations of these colors so they might not be an exact match but they should be fairly close.


Please reply to this topic with the quantity, size and color that you would like.


Below is an image showing all of the colors. Below the image each color is listed, colors marked with an * are not available in 3XL. Other then those colors all shirts are available in Small - 3XL.




White, Natural,Black,Ash,Sports Grey,Charcoal,Dark Heather,Light Pink*,Azalea*

Heliconia*,Red,Cedar*,Cardinal Red,Maroon,Tangerine*,Orange,Texas Orange,Vegas Gold

Yellow Haze,Daisey,Gold, Pistachio*,Scerene Green*,Lime,Irish Green,Kelly,Jade Dome*

Oceana*,Military Green*,Forest,Light Blue,Carolina Blue,Stone Blue,Sapphire*,Royal,Indigo

Metro Blue*,Blue Dusk*,Navy,Orchid*,Violet*,Iris*,Purple,Sand,Tan*

Prairie Dust,Chestnut*,Olive*,Dark Chocolate


I will start collecting payment when I order the shirts.


Here is a sample of what the shirts will look like front and back


ftfshirt.jpg ftfshirt2.jpg ftfshirt3.jpg


FTF MLB Shirt - Available in Size Small - 3XL(White Only)


ftffish.jpg ftffish2.jpg


Hatches Magazine - Available in Size Small - 3XL(Olive Only)


hatches.jpg hatches2.jpg

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Put me down for

1 FTF MLB Size: ML

1 Top FTF style shirts Color Navy T-Shirt Size: ML


2 total



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i want 3 of the original "flytyingforum.com" style


qty 1 in stone blue


qty 1 in prairie dust


qty 1 in chestnut


all shirts in size xl


$15 x 3 = $45 + $3 = $48 total

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Great !!! :D


1 - The original "flytyingforum.com" / Dark Chocolate


1 - FTF MLB Shirt


1 - Hatches Magazine


All in size Large


$48 total, accept paypal ???

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I will take one each of the following


1 - Original "Flytyingforum.com" - Metro Blue


1 - Hatches Magazine Olive


All in size XLarge


$16 x 2 + $3.00 = $35 Total




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