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purple flake popper

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Im doing some traditional popper heads from cork. I have the wapsi foam ones but eventually i will test the difference between the two on the water. Anyways, im having a thoughtblock on a tail. can anyone give me any ideas? how would you finish this one out. any info would be great and feel free to comment on the head itself, any ways to make it better? thanks to all.


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It isn't possible to be certain because of the angle of the popper head and hook in the image. However, it appears that the

hook point is nearly level with the bottom of the popper head. If so, this is a design flaw. You want the hook to be sealed low

in the body to maximize the hook gap. Kink shank hooks are preferred for poppers by many because the kink helps to prevent

the hook from twisting out of position.


The paint job is excellent. To finish out the tail on the popper, something in purple or black or a combination would be good.

marabou and/or hackle with some kind of flash could be used. Rubber legs could also be added. They could be poked through

the cork body of lashed to stick out to the side right behind the head and to the rear depending on whether you add hackle.

Hackle is often palmered around the hook right behind the head. Deer Hair or Bucktail can also be added to a popper tail alone

or in combination with other materials.


One of the fun things about poppers is the freedom to let your imagination go wild. There aren't the formal rules or forms for poppers

that exist for some other types of flies.


Just don't crowd so many materials to the back of the popper that it impedes the ability of the popper to hook a fish.

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great looking popper love the cork for a tail you might try some purple marabou with some black krystal flash and collar it with purple grizzly schlappen


x2! that would look awesome.

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I totally agree with Stippled Popper's assessment of the body and the hook. It definitely appears that the hook shank is located in the center of the hook. A possible serious problem with this orientation and with the entire body being round is that it may have a profound tendency to roll over on it's side, or even ride up-side-down on the water, in addition to resulting in missed strikes due to a limited hook "gap".


I recommend cutting a hook slot in the bottom of the cork using a hacksaw blade in future efforts. I also recommend slightly flattening one side, to be the bottom, to facilitate it's floating upright.


I also second his tailing recommendations.


There is a down-side to placing rubber legs THROUGH the body: The will deteriorate with time, or get torn off with use, and they can be a real pain to replace. As a consequence, I now attach rubber legs on 99% of mine directly to the hook just behind the body, and wrap the collar hackle over them.


NICE LOOKING BUG!!! Keep up the good work!



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