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So it is official.


I tracked down Glenn Overton, yes the real Glenn and he confirmed that the guys making the new Wonder Wax is exactly as we have heard.

Overton's gear, recipe and bottles.


Apparently Glenn knew the owner when he was still running around in diapers.


I asked why the wax was white and he explained that it was supposed to be that way but when he was making it some of the resin he used was not bleached (the story was longer and involved a wife that scorned him).


Anyway, he is a great guy and knows more about fly tying and fly fishing then I doubt I'll ever know.



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I'm not disputing that the new version is the same formula, but based on the review by DrLogik and my own experience with a new tube of the ORIGINAL product, I can't ever remember my Overton's behaving or looking any differently new (early 1980's) than it does now.


I still have 80% of one of those tubes of original Overton's as well as lots of other waxes I've tried over the years. NOTHING I've tried is as tacky as ORIGINAL Overton's. One thing I noticed about mine is a blob of the wax on a piece of tying thread can have a partially transparent look to it as opposed to the completely opaque products I've tried over the years.


I'd be real interested in a side by side comparison of the NEW version of Overton's with Al Beatty's "BT's Tacky & Super Tacky Wax" which is a great product for a fraction of the price. DrLogik's description of the NEW version of Overton's sounds a lot like my experience with Al Beatty's wax.


FWIW - there was/is a wax once used in the newspaper business to make mark-ups of pages of the newspaper. It came in blocks, was used in a applicator which heated it and it was used as a glue to "stick" cut out articles on to a "master" page. The stuff is tacky as hell.


I still have a hunk from my days working on my college newspaper. I don't know what it is, but other than being very white and somewhat clear, it reminds me a lot of Wonder Wax.

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Guess I'll have to treat the tube I bought back in the 90's with a little more respect.




I already do that, have more than enough for my lifetime !

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