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Fly Tying

August Swap club 2012

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Mine turned out ok, after having to unwrap the first one several times, I kinda got the hang of it, but it's just a simple weave, I've seen some really intricate stuff, but I don't think I'm up to that kind of talent. Can't wait to see the flies.



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I received a set of flies today from Riff, and I guess they are the flies for August. If so, I totally did something different from what everyone else did. When I opened the box, my eyes almost popped out! WOW!!! What a great set of flies! I've got to learn how to tie some of these! You guys all need to post a Step-By-Step so I can learn how to do this! The flies tied by Ebrant, Easternfly, Flytryer, Famil00 & Mybadhabit all appear to be the same kind of weaving. Outstanding work, guys. And I've GOT to learn how to tie the patterns that Crackleback & Riff tied. I need some help, guys. And Piker, I would go blind tying something that small, but it looks like the same kind of work on the body as Crackleback's so, a real salute to you as well. Sorry about what you guys got from me. I've got to step up my game.




Here's a decent video showing the weave I used.

He uses bobbins but I find they just get in the way. Having a smooth under body and keeping tension on the floss are the real keys. Also, the DMC embroidery floss is six strands and needs to be split down into 3 strands. If you're tying a #14 or lower you may want to split it into only 2 strands. Hope this helps.



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