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Fly Tying

CFR Retreat Fly Boxes

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Due Date is November 1, 2012



Hey folks, I'm doing boxes again for the North Texas CFR Retreat in November, I'm looking for flies for the fly boxes given to the women that are tied by caring individuals like yourselves. I'm sorry to give such short notice, I would need to get the flies by November 1, 2012 at the latest.


What I need is 14 flies from each of the volunteers, you can tie to be used or just to be viewed. They are fishing a small river and it contains small large-mouth, bluegill, and some cats. Flies that are best are brim-bugs, pheasant tails, buggers and cap spiders, but anything you want to donate would be very much appreciated.


Last year the women were very impressed with the boxes that they received and sent a letter and photo with all their signatures which I posted to the thread. These women really admire all the effort put into the flies that they receive, since they themselves are taught to tie flies the day that they receive the boxes, so they know just what goes into tying a fly.


Please help them have an even more rewarding experience by taking the time to give to those that have been stricken by this terrible disease and are fighting to survive. Be the bright spot in their lives during this time of enjoyment.


Anyone that wants in just say I'm in and let me know what you're tying.


I'm going to try and get J Stockard to supply the boxes again this year.


Thanks in advance





Blane - Brim poppers + Reno's Brillo Pad


Margaretann - Deer hair poppers


TheYiman - Small Pink Bomber - Received


Dreancaster4639 - Size 12 Bead head prince variation - Received


RRSS - Brim assortment - Received


C Teeter - Buggers


Jolly Red - Bead head cap spiders


Piker20 - PTN and Hairs Ears - Received


Big Dewey - AP Nymphs - Received


FishingBobNelson - Grizzly Brim Bugs - Received

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I'll be in with a mix and match selection of flies. Some PTN and Hares ears along with some soft hackle types if thats ok.

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I got a confirmation from J Stockard that they are sending 14 fly boxes out on Monday, this is going great.


Thanks to everyone



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