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Tube flys

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I am considering trying my hand at tube flys I found a tube adaptor for my vice already (haven't ordered it ...yet) what else special will I need/want and where is a good source of tubes to buy or adapt from somethimg else I'm not picky.any suggestions?

I primarily fish for


bass large/small mouth

Trying to get a carp on a fly

And soon pike/pickeral

Just in case that affects any suggestions

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For your first tubes I would use the plastic tubes from cotton buds (Q tips). Cut them a little longer than the tube you want and gently heat the ends to mushroom them a little. Of course you may want heavier tubes. Aluminium and brass (or copper) can be quite pricey. Model engineer suppliers are your friend here. You can pick up lengths of these tubes for similar money and end up with a lot more. These tubes need a plastic liner of some kind. This protects the line from the abrasion of the metal tube. Then buy the tube to fit over your cotton bud tubes and mushroom the ends as for plastic tubes. You can get a tiny tube cutter for very little. This means you will not have lots of tubes left over having bought packs of a particular length.


Though I now have a tube vice, my original tube adaptor was just a large needle. Put it in your vice and slip the tube onto it so it jams. A blind salmon iron is also great for holding tubes. Though as more people tie classics these are getting harder to find. An idea from Marc Petitjean is to use a piece of stiff wire that will go into the tube. Bend the last 3mm (1/8") at 90 degrees. Cut the plastic tube oversize at 45 degrees. Slip the tube onto the wire so the bent end sits into the angled cut. Put the other end of the wire into your standard vice so that the butt of the tube is against the jaws. Tie the fly, remove the tube and carefully cut and mushroom the angled end of the tube.


You don't need anything different materials wise to tie on tubes. If you can lash it to a hook shank, then you can lash it to a tube. The only difference is you will find yourself using much more thread. If you want to tie cone head tubes, take a piece of your plastic tube with you when you buy them to ensure they will fit.


Manny of the species you mentioned are not available to me here so I know little about fishing for them. Though from what I have read a Woolly Bugger would be a great place to start. Try tying one of those on a tube. You will have to make a decision, sorry can't help here. Do you tie the tail "On Top" as you would on a hook? Or do you tie the tail all round the tube? Try both, and see which you like.




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Drink Box straw, Red floss, Natural Deer Hair, White/Cream Dry hackle, Yellow 6/0 Flymaster


Simple, cheap, small, "disposable" (you won't care as much if you lose it), Quick tie...


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