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Fly Tying

Invitational Streamer Swap

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Invitational Streamer Swap


All Swap Rules Apply


-due date 12/01

-freshwater streamers that imitate baitfish

-late flies will not be accepted


SM: Beginnerflytyer-black or white streamer with silver belly-complete


1. Rifferiversteelheadslayer-harlequin-received

2. Easternfly-baitfish streamer

3. Horseshoes-The Ballou Special-received

4. Lil Dave-pink over white hairwing streamer-received

5. Magaretann-?

6. Knightstalker-some baitfish streamer-received

7. Breambuster-warden's worry-received

8. Avril-olive and white streamer-received

9. Fishingbobnelson-missionary-received

10.Shmang-jointed minnow-received

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Man I'm struggling.... But I'll have something by the weekend and in the mail for you.


Tonight I should not have picked up a bobbin

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Sorry it is invitation only


I am very confused by this. If this swap is "invitation only" then why put something up here that says something like the first two to pm me get the last two spots then tell this guy that it's "invite only"???


Maybe I'm a bit miffed because I never get an invite. I didn't inquire about this one because I figured if anyone wanted me in the swap they would have invited me....



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