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grey brook

Baby Doll Baitfish

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Greetings everyone, this is a sbs for a Baby doll baitfish pattern. You will need a streamer hook, size and style up to you, i am using a gama saltwater hook size 1. White thread, white furled wool yarn, silver wire ribbing material, sharpies, something to brush out the yarn in the tail and some glue on eyes of your choice.


Run thread down just before barb and back up to eye.



Put some glue on the shank and tie in rib, down to just before barb. Run thread back up to eye.



Double 2 strands of wool yarn then tie them in so all four ends extend over hook eye.



Tie in long stand of wool yarn just behind those.



Wrap that strand of wool back to just before barb and then back up to tie-in point and tie off and clip excess.



Wrap rib forward evenly to hook eye. Tie off rib then whip finish thread.



Start thread just above the barb.



Pull remaining strands over body and tie down with thread. Then whip finish threat.



Color with sharpie, however you like.



Unfurl the yarn in the tail and brush out. I use a pet fur brush, you can use some velcro glued to a popsicle stick if you like.



Glue on some eyes, cement your whip finishes and go fish.




My thumbnails get way too enlarged when you click on them normally, try right clicking and opening them in new window, that worked when i tried.


Thanks for looking everyone.

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