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Fly Tying

Tiny Fly Swap

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Tiny Fly Swap

So here's the deal, I want 12 swappers, myself included, to tie on sizes 18 or smaller, that is the only limitation. They will be due on January 15, 2013. To be included just give me an I'm in and I'll sign you up.





1) Mybadhabit - 18 Blue Stripe Sow Bug


2) Ebrant10 - 26 Grizzly Midge


3) andre_tb22 - 24 CDC Oiler Puff Trico


4) netabrookie - 18 Cabin Creek Caddis - Received


5) dreamcaster4639 - Ice Cream Cone Midge - Received


6) Piker20 - Mailed - Recieved


7) flytire - Black Beauties - Addy Sent - Recieved


8) Shmang - 20 Glass Bead Midge - Received


9) Margretann - Pink Midge - Received


10) border collies - 20 Jujubee Midge - Received


11) bigdewy - 22 Mosquito - Received


12)RRSS - 18 Annie's Midge - Received

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I would like to get in on this one. I will decide what I want to tie within a couple days. Take Care, Tony

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IF you still have a spot please count me in. I will tie a glass bead midge on Green Caddis brand size 20 hook. Thanks.



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